Manager - Strategy & Account Planning

New Delhi-1

Job Profile / Description:

• Responsible for devising the brand activation strategy for clients in different industries;
• Gaining a comprehensive context for integrated marketing communication strategies by analysing a wide range of information in great detail, including demographics, socio-economics and the market for the client's product and market share;
• Conducting research using internal resources or commissioning research from outside organisations, where needed, to inform marketing communications, using both qualitative methods, such as focus group discussions and structured interviews, and quantitative methods, such as demographic profiling and questionnaires;
• Using a variety of market and research data to monitor cultural and social trends and their impact on consumers' attitudes, behaviour and perceptions;
• Researching the product or service to be advertised / ciommunicated, which may involve gaining technical or specific knowledge;
• Reconciling the differences between consumers' current perceptions of the brand and the way the client wishes the brand to be perceived;
• Communicating with colleagues within the agency, such as creatives and account managers, in the process of developing a campaign;
• Providing the creative team with a clearly defined brief that contains concise information on the product, audience and strategy, so that they can develop creative ideas applicable to the media channels that will promote the idea most effectively;
• Presenting conclusions and ideas to clients and other agency staff;
• Analysing and interpreting customer response and sales data to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign.

Qualifications: M.B.A

Experience: 3 - 5 years proven track record of handling atleast three known brands.


Age: 22 to 28 years

Remuneration: Best in the industry

Email Id:

How to Apply: Send your CV to above email ID