The Q Sense

Our five senses i.e. hear, smell, touch, taste and sight help us experience and discover the world around us. We all listen to the classics we love, smell the rain and feel the touch of our loved ones. We taste our morning coffee and see the sun rise & set everyday.

Every brand possesses these five senses that allow us to experience and discover it. RelioQuick explains the sixth sense of the brand - The Q sense.

We deeply believe in the power of the sixth sense that makes deeper connections with consumers by baking in the right amount of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch into a brand experience.

The need for Q Sense

The Five Senses- Do the brands really use the five senses optimally? That's where the 6th sense comes in. We call it the Q Sense.

Q sense facilitates in creating a perfect blend of all the other five senses required to create a multi-sensory brand experience. Q Sense successfully optimizes all the five senses by applying Integrating Marketing Communication approach.